Demand Planning

As a result of lead-times, capacity constraints and delivery requirements, many fashion companies need to take purchase decisions while the demand is not completely clear. In such a situation it is important to use a forecast model that provides the optimal result.  A sub-optimal model, for example one that is not adjusted to the company’s changed distribution or customer base, leads to lower accuracy. Accuracy of the demand forecasting and S&OP process has a strong impact on the profitability of Apparel and Footwear companies as it directly impacts stock levels and service levels. As a result of today’s challenges your company might be depending more on a forecast or a plan than ever before. Is the forecast good enough? What is the cost of your current error? Can you improve?

Genova Consultancy is experienced in various crucial sales operations and planning processes in the apparel, footwear and sportswear industry throughout Europe. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to get the answers on above questions by benchmarking the planning performance and the process. If needed, we will redefine the process, including KPI’s and tools that fits your organization.

Benchmark and Performance analysis

Our performance analysis will help your company to benchmark the current forecast accuracy and provide you a clear picture: what are the issues, what is the risk and what are the related costs.

Demand forecasting and S&OP process redesign

As a result of changed business environments, we often experience that the demand forecasting and S&OP process is not adapted to the current state of operations. For example, the customer base has evolved from a fairly distributed set of independents and a few key accounts into a complex mix of customers with chain stores, controlled space, own retail, distributors, etc. The existing planning and forecast processes and tools are not developed accordingly.

Genova consultancy will help your company with the redesign of these processes and bring them to the next level, supported by the right tools and skilled users.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) implementation

Knowing what the potential pitfalls are in an S&OP implementation, Genova Consultancy will help your company to take the right steps: define the ambition and set the roadmap, define the processes and corresponding KPI’s and IT requirements. The implementation of a S&OP process requires the organization and its people to change. This will be carefully managed.

Training and Knowledge development

As the improvement of forecast accuracy has such a strong impact on the overall performance, a frequent re-assessment of forecast methodologies is essential. Based on many years’ experience in supporting companies in the fashion industry to implement and improve various forecast methodologies, Genova Consultancy has developed an interactive knowledge workshop: “Demand planning in Fashion”.

Workshop DPThe workshop contains a comprehensive overview of forecast methodologies used in the fashion industry, the usability, KPI’s and benchmarks. Forecasting techniques (down to size level) for Pre-orders, Re-orders and NOS collections are discussed. Innovative developments on key accounts forecasts and size split developments are presented. Various methods to evaluate the performance of the planning and forecasting process (accuracy, KPI’s) are reviewed. The fashion assortment/customer type matrix will help the participants to map their current working methods against industry best practices.

Download brochure: Genova Workshop Demand planning in Fashion

Genova Consultancy has also developed a standard training for demand planners in fashion. This one-day training course provides an overview of planning and forecast methodologies and goes into detail on topics like forecast techniques and accuracy.

Download brochure: Training Forecasting for Fashion demand planners

We also deliver tailor-made training courses to brush up, harmonize or optimize planning skills in your company. Please contact us for more information on the topic of training: