Fashion S&OP

Fashion S&OP

Many fashion companies have a short term planning focus (3 to 6 months before delivery) to support the buying decision. This short term horizon and focus on buying accuracy often leads to an adhoc process with lots of operational issues: shortages, late deliveries, excess stock and late addition of specials. These issues have a direct impact on turnover and margin on the short turn, and more important customer satisfaction on the long term.

More and more companies realize that they have to improve planning accuracy further upstream (6-12 months before delivery) and across functional borders to further improve the performance. The companies that try to improve their supply chain and planning processes often struggle. Organizational structure (i.e. functional silo’s), underdeveloped disciplines (i.e. operations & control), or inadequate tools and reports, slow down and frustrate processes to improve and to implement a long term Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) process.

Based on many years of experience in the field of Planning and Forecasting in the fashion industry, Genova Consultancy has developed a Fashion S&OP concept emphasizing the relation between Collection Planning, Finance, Demand and Supply. Where the “regular” S&OP is aiming at the optimization of supply and demand to reach financial plans, the Fashion S&OP integrates the collection process or merchandizing process as this is a driving element for success.

Genova Consultancy has developed a proven approach to support the gradual implementation of this S&OP process. Together with your colleagues we identify the S&OP elements and the cohesion between these elements. Next we identify the most rewarding link(s) or element(s) and define how to improve or implement the improvement. This improvement can be a change in process or a new methodology, an excel tool, a standard software tool, training, etc. We implement our solutions hands-on and side by side to ensure knowledge transfer is optimized. We take one step at the time. But the most valuable step first.


  • Awareness workshop Fashion S&OP
  • Benchmark the current level of the S&OP activities (maturity) and define the FS&OP ambition including road map
  • Define the processes, the corresponding KPI’s and the IT requirements to support the ambition
  • Implement the solution and train the users
  • Monitor and Stimulate the process


Awareness Workshop Fashion S&OP

Workshop FSOP

Through an interactive workshop, Genova Consultancy will review the concept of the fashion S&OP and the potential benefits. Anonymous industry examples will illustrate how fashion companies have approached (elements of) this concept, the issues they faced and the benefits they are achieving.

A Fashion S&OP maturity model will show the various S&OP stages and the related KPI’s. The participants can use this model to identify their    companies’ S&OP maturity. Ideas, opportunities and expectations that arise during the workshop will be reviewed and mapped to determine the next steps to take.
Download brochure: Genova Workshop FSOP