Operational Consultancy

Genova Consultancy offers various types of operational consultancy or support to address and help solve operational challenges within your organization. We help to identify the most critical or rewarding points of improvement, define realistic and pragmatic projects and help to realize the solution. Our operational modus is ‘personal’, ‘hands on’ and “to the point”:

  • Personal: we strongly believe that every project requires a unique or customized approach, depending on the culture of the organization and the people involved. Obviously we have standardized techniques and proven methodologies, but we will tune these as much as possible to ensure a successful project.
  • Hands on: we consider ourselves as temporarily co-workers and part of the team. We will help to realize the project objectives, respecting the organizational constraints and company calendars.
  • To the point: we are focused on the assignment and stay focused until the agreed upon objectives are realized.

A few examples of types of support activities:

Improved process visuals and cross functional annual schedule

For most of us shortage of TIME is a major issue and it stops us from taking time to re-think and discuss how to organize and plan the execution ‘from concept to consumer’. And even though every company has several calendars for different functions it is often difficult to deliver in time. Genova Consultancy provides a unique method to visualize “TIME” through a Process-visual and Calendar-visual. This exercise will deliver a planning that is jointly agreed by all functions involved and based on all known-parameters:

  • Bottlenecks are revealed upfront and tackled, so no ‘we-could-have-known’ surprises, no finger pointing
  • The increased awareness on cross-functional effects drives focus and better understanding
  • Annual-Schedule version-management creates one-version communication platform
  • The improved quality of planning serves as a stable base for execution. The need for time-buffers will reduce over time.
  • Less in-season-changes of the plan.

Process analysis and redesign

Through a concentrated set of workshops and/or interviews, and benchmark analysis, Genova Consultancy helps to identify operational challenges and define the solution. Instead of defining long range programs, we prefer to define short term projects with clear and concrete objectives.

ERP Software selection

A successful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) to support administrative processes, starts with the selection of the right software solution and the right implementation partner. The software solution has to support the critical requirements and unique processes of your business. The implementation partner has to match the organizational culture. A mismatch, either in software or partner, will lead to a frustrating and costly project. Genova Consultancy has developed a proven methodology to ensure a quick and successful selection.