TIA A3 Fashion Planning and Forecasting software is designed for the fashion industry. The “best practice” functionality allows management, planners and buyers of leading European fashion companies to take quick and qualitative decisions. A3 Fashion supports the complete planning cycle of both seasonal collection and nos products.
TIA A3 Trade Planning and Forecasting software is perfectly suited to support wholesalers and manufacturers in maintaining the optimal stock level and maximize service levels. The demand planner/buyer is supported by a high qualitative forecast per article and product segment and can take quick, economical and fact based buying decisions.
Genova PreSet is the new iPad solution by Genova. It assists fashion companies in making the right decisions by evaluating designs, production samples or the final salesman samples. Pictures are shared through a secured cloud solution to teams all over the world. Qualitative feedback (and quantities if applicable) is returned and converted into an immediate strength analysis of the collection.

Genova Solutions

genova TIA A3 logoGenova Consultancy is a premium implementation partner of TIA A3 GmbH and implements and support TIA A3 software to improve OP planning, demand planning and buying, retail planning and replenishment.

genova logoGenova offers the innovative Ipad solution Genova PreSet that enable fashion companies to evaluate their collections before the season starts. Thus assisting companies in completing and optimizing their collections with a higher certainty of success, in a quick and fashionable manner.