A3 fashion


TIA A3 Planning and Forecasting software is designed for the fashion industry. The tools support the buyers and merchandizers, but also management, throughout the complete planning cycle: from initial plan or budget to the initial style forecast to the prebuy and to the seasonal buy.  The “best practice” functionality allows planners and buyers of leading fashion companies across Europe to take quick and qualitative decisions at moments that count.

TIA A3 Dynamic Sales Planning

An integrated planning tool will help fashion companies to set and align budgets at various levels: channel, collection, category, country, customer groups and customers. Management can set financial plans for countries and brands, providing input for merchandizers to plan collection and category level. Next step is the detailed sales plan, allowing sales managers to plan with their key accounts. This planning tool will ensure the synchronization of plans into a “one number plan”.

TIA A3 Blind forecast

A3 TopFlopA proven concept of forecasting the early buys or fabric commitments before the sales season start! Based on the so called Delphi method, an expert panel evaluates the relative commerciality of each item in a category. This results in to so called Top Flop structure and generates a forecast per item.  This allows you to commit to those styles that are really important and streamline the collection by taking out those styles that will not sell.

TIA A3 Seasonal forecast

A3 Seasonal FcstA strong forecast concept based on customer behavior.  Last year (or like for like season) buying behavior is compared with the current behavior in the customer group. With only a small percentage of visited customers, it will provide an early warning of those items that are over performing, and maybe as important, the items that are under performing. But also on a group level, it will alert you when something a-typical is happening, allowing you to act.  This forecast is generated fast with actual data, bringing the forecast preparation time back from days to hours thus leaving more time for quality.

TIA A3 Rolling forecast

A3 Rolling FcastThe rolling forecast supports the forecast and buying process of the basic collection, often referred to as NOOS or NOS collections or program. The tool supports the planner by making an accurate forecast. It filters out all kind of outliers and exceptions that have a negative impact on the forecast. It allows for key account planning and it supports marketing campaigns. It supports the planner in so called life cycle management: the introductions and exits in the program.


TIA A3 Size forecast

A dynamic size forecast tool supports the optimal size range for your stock, reducing the excess stock in the outside sizes, and shortages in the middle. But the tool also support in the variance between periods and regions.

TIA A3 Net Requirement planning

The result of the forecasts is loaded into the net requirement. This tool turns the forecast or plan into a purchase advice taking current purchases and existing stock into account. In case of NOOS articles it calculates safety stock to ensure a 99% service level in your high performing articles (So called A and B styles). It will optimize the purchase advice as it considers minimums, economical order quantities, lead-times, and other vendor related requirements. The result of the tool is loaded easily into your ERP system

TIA A3 Management CockpitA3 Management CP

The management cockpit provides a comprehensive overview of relevant parameters for your stock program. It shows specific KPI’s as stock turn, ABC analysis and coverage to allow management to focus on these items that are under covered or that are slowing down.