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trade 100708-227TIA A3 Planning and Forecasting software is perfectly suited to support stock keeping companies like technical wholesalers and manufacturers in maintaining the optimal stock level and maximizing service levels. trade 100408-160It provides the demand planner with a high qualitative forecast per article, article group, region and channel. It helps the buyer to take quick, economical and fact based decisions on stock levels to buy and it gives management a valuable insight about developments in stock.

TIA A3 has a modular set-up: although the modules are integrated they can be implemented separately. It has a standard interface which can easily be connected with all ERP systems.

TIA A3 Dynamic sales planning

trade Dynamic Plan

The Dynamic sales planning tool allows various functions and disciplines (such as Marketing, Product Management and Sales Management) within organizations to create a consensus based budget or demand plan, both in pieces and value. The multi-level and multi-dimension planning tool is based on actual data and is the ideal planning platform for assortments of any size.

 TIA A3 Rolling forecasttrade Plan

The rolling forecast helps the planner/buyer to create a high quality demand plan per stock item. The tool informs the planner about exceptions in his portfolio (such as outliers, structural breaks and trends in the demand) and allows him to plan and manage introductions, exits and marketing campaigns. Input from sales or countries is easily added to the plan and monitored.

TIA A3 Net requirement planning and buying

trade Nett requirementBased on the demand per stock item or article, the tool determines a Net requirement, taking stock and purchases into account. Based on the article class (ABC), predictability and the lead-time it dynamically adds a safety stock level  to the requirement to guarantee a 99% service level. The buyer is guided through the assortment in various ways: per vendor, per category, per classification (ABC) or per exception (i.e. stock items that are under covered within the lead-time). Once the net requirement is determined, it support the buyer to gain purchase economies by calculating the economic order quantity, consolidating purchases or filling up purchase advices with future demand.

TIA A3 Management Cockpittrade Cockpit

The management cockpit provides an extensive performance overview on various levels. It shows important Key Performance Indicators such as stock turn, inventory days, over- and under coverage and ABC XYZ classifications.