Genova PreSet

Throughout the collection development process and the sales process, fashion companies evaluate the offer for their markets, customers and stores. The purpose of the evaluation is to strengthen the collection, identify gaps, and, evenly important, secure margin and price points. In case of retail organizations, shop managers or regional retail teams can communicate the latest local requirements to optimize the assortments to the stores.

To facilitate these processes, Genova has developed the innovative iPad solution Genova PreSet. PreSet (which stands for PreSeason Evaluation Tool) allows commercial and creative teams to evaluate collections or concepts in a quick and fashionable manner.

The results are processed immediately into a strong standard report allowing management to decide on number of items to offer to the markets, salesman samples to buy, or to provide forecasts or prebuys to factories.



Genova PreSet

On various moments during the design and sample process, feedback is required to ensure the developments are heading in the right direction. Genova PreSet support this evaluation and internal communication process in a structured and interactive way. During the prototype phase merchandizers, production and sales managers provide their feedback on new designs and concepts. When the “market” is getting closer, sales representatives, agents, distributors or shop managers are asked for their input about actual salesman samples.

Participants in the evaluation (the panel) get the prototypes, concepts or designs presented on the iPad. Relevant information such as sketches, looks, theme, price points and photo material, is shown. The various characteristics can also be used as filter to make specific views per design, theme or product type.

IMG_0070IMG_0054Evaluations are qualitative (i.e. an opinion): the item is Weak, OK or Strong. Or it will not sell at all.
In some companies, it is required to provide also quantities per item (a forecast or estimate). The overall quantity and sum per selection is visible to compare and rationalise towards the sales target.

There is also a possibility to enter comments for personal use or to provide general feedback to the central organization. Pictures made during the presentations or “along the road” can easily be added to the prototype.

Online PreSet Evaluation

Online ReportThe feedback is gathered in the central database from which an on-line evaluation report is generated. This report shows how the prototypes or samples are perceived by the team and how the consensus is on the various items. It also shows the strength and weakness of groups of items. Data can be downloaded for further processing.

The immediate and rational presentation makes it much easier to agree on which steps should be taken to start the next activity (i.e. the selection of the salesmen samples) or phase (i.e. the start of the selling season) with an optimal and successful collection.

PreSeason Evaluation Report

If estimates are provided, a standard preseason evaluation report can be generated. This management report shows how the collection is received by the sales force. It shows which items carry a risk of over stock, which items are strong, which are weak, what is the consensus and distribution spread (within countries or channels), how is the performance of a capsule and/or theme, etc. Apart from this a forecast is calculated per item which can be compared with the estimation of sales. This way management can anticipate on the expected success and potential failures in the collection before the start of the selling season.


If you would like some extra information about Genova PreSet feel free to contact us via email or download the brochure: Genova PreSet.