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We help businesses to improve their efficiency and business insights more effectively using software specifically developed for the fashion industry.

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Genova Consultancy is specialised in various crucial sales operations and planning processes in the apparel, footwear and sportswear industry. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to guide and support you with improving the planning & operations with solutions that work and bring value. 

Based on many years of experience in the field of Planning and Forecasting in the fashion industry, Genova Consultancy offers a Fashion S&OP solution fully supporting the relation between Collection Planning, Finance, Demand and Supply. Where the “regular” S&OP is aiming at the optimisation of supply and demand to reach financial plans, the Fashion S&OP integrates the collection process or merchandising process as this is a driving element for success.

Genova Consultancy has developed a proven approach to support a successful implementation of this S&OP solution. Important elements are:

  • Personal: we strongly believe that every project requires a unique or customised approach, depending on the culture of the organisation and the people involved. Obviously we have standardised techniques and proven methodologies, but we will tune these as much as possible to ensure a successful project.
  • Hands on: we consider ourselves as temporarily co-workers and part of the team. We will help to realise the project objectives, respecting the organisational constraints and company calendars.
  • To the point: we are focused on the assignment and stay focused until the agreed upon objectives are realised.

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What our clients say

"Throughout this process Genova Consultancy have been very forthcoming, helping us implement not only a system but also a process for forecasting and planning, not to mention always available, on time and on point".

Jakob Dworsky
Co-founder Asket

With TIA-A3 we have one version of the truth and our global planning and stock position is much easier to control, more accurate then before and a lot of time is saved. Especially notable is the level of support from Genova Consultancy. The few questions or issues we had the last two year were answered and solved within one day if not immediately.

Mudassir Ahmed
Global Director Demand & Supply Planning at TOMS

"Genova helped us to move in the right direction of digitalization. They deliver the best service and solution for the fashion industry".

Eva Lisa Trieu
S&OP Manager peak performance

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