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TIA A3 Fashion Planning and Forecasting software is designed for the fashion industry. The “best practice” functionality allows management, planners and buyers of leading European fashion companies to take quick and qualitative decisions. A3 Fashion supports the complete planning cycle of Wholesale both seasonal collection and nos products and Retail/E-com. This software can be linked to any central ERP system.

Benefits in numbers

Up to

more turnover

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Time saving

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cost reduction

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Less leftovers


The TIA-A3 modules supports each phase, with their different needs and levels of planning in an integrated way, based on one data source (one version of the truth)

Company and Sales Budget
Merchandise plan
Blind forecast
Seasonal forecast
nos forecast and rolling monthly plan
Central requirement and buying proposal
Dynamic Size key
bill of material
retail planning & shop replenishment
e-com & catalog forecast and planning
Key account planning

Optimise purchasing and stock in the fashion industry using intelligent forecasting.


Many fashion companies have a short term planning focus (3 to 6 months before delivery) to support the buying decision. This short term horizon and focus on buying accuracy often leads to an adhoc process with lots of operational issues: shortages, late deliveries, excess stock and late addition of specials. These issues have a direct impact on turnover and margin on the short turn, and more important customer satisfaction on the long term.

More and more companies realize that they have to improve planning accuracy further upstream (6-12 months before delivery) and across functional borders to further improve the performance. The companies that try to improve their supply chain and planning processes often struggle. Organizational structure (i.e. functional silo’s), underdeveloped disciplines (i.e. operations & control), or inadequate tools and reports, slow down and frustrate processes to improve and to implement a long term Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) process.

Based on many years of experience in the field of Planning and Forecasting in the fashion industry, Genova Consultancy offers a Fashion S&OP solution fully supporting the relation between Collection Planning, Finance, Demand and Supply. Where the “regular” S&OP is aiming at the optimization of supply and demand to reach financial plans, the Fashion S&OP integrates the collection process or merchandizing process as this is a driving element for success.

Growth. Efficiency. Reduce Risk


Throughout the whole collection development process and the sales process, companies evaluate their portfolio to strengthen collection, assortments or designs and identify gaps as well as secure margins and price points. 

PRESET helps you manage these processes more efficiently and evaluate collections or concepts quickly and fashionably. Stakeholders are informed about designs and products in real time and can provide qualitative feedback. This way, you benefit from optimal communication and a significantly shortened time-to-market.

The results are immediately processed in a meaningful standard report so that decisions can be made about the number of items offered, whether to purchase samples, or whether to provide forecasts or reservations for the factories. 

Particularly in the case of new developments, estimating product success is associated with a high level of communication effort and uncertainty. PRESET provides you with reliable data to identify opportunities and potential in your product portfolio at an early stage.

Benefits in numbers

Up to

less efforts in meetings while coordinating your assortment

Up to

shortened time-to-market by using PRESET

Up to

more turnover though an optimized portfolio

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